CEEPEE OFFICIAL is  brand created by Adekunle Caleb Oluwatosin, the CEO of Caleb Enterprises. Established in the year 2015, CeePee official is an organization that brings the contemporary feel of creativity to life. Involved in creative ventures like graphic designing, cartoon graphics, story writing and lots more.

It is believed that creativity comes from within, that is why at CeePee Official, we combine the rewarding productivity of creative minds to give our clients and customers the best of feel.

CeePee Official also, has been made into an organism. It has life and like every other living organism, it grows. We put in our best to improve and increase ourselves in size, wisdom, productivity, creativity and efficiency so you can be assured of the best of service from us.

Feel free to contact us at www.ceepee.jlitechy.com/bookings to order for your services and www.ceepee.jlitechy.com/feedbacks to give us your feelings about our services and how we can improve ourselves. Your feed backs and orders are treated with optimum respect.